1. See the development of your order


2.Instructions for ordering

Browse our online store. Choose some category you are interested in and use the search filters in the left menu to limit the results according to your preferences. Click on the product you like to see the details of it. From there, click on "Add to the Shopping Cart" and the product will be selected for purchase. You can continue your purchases and when you want to complete your order, go to the shopping cart (top right) and press "Pay" to start the completion process. You will be asked to become a member by filling in your details. By creating your personal account, you give you the opportunity to save personal information* and shipping addresses so that you do not have to write them on each order, use the wish list and be informed (if you choose) for future bids.

*See the Privacy Policy for more information.

You can also make a purchase without registering a member by selecting the quick payment. Alternatively you can place your order at +30 2310 233263 daily during our store's opening hours, TE, Sat 10: 00-15: 30 and Tr, PE, PA 10: 00-14: 30 and 17:00 -21: 00.

3. Payment methods

Through deposit to a bank account
You can deposit the money for your orders to one of the company's accounts:

Alpha bank
IBAN: GR29 0140 7000 7000 0232 0000 630
Account: 700002320000630
Beneficiary: Anna Vildiridis & Co OE

National Bank
IBAN: GR 03 0110 2100 0000 2104 4148290
Account: 21044148290
Beneficiary: Anna Vildiridis & Co OE

Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR 75 0172 2220 0052 2210 0631785
Account: 22100631785
Beneficiary: Anna Vildiridis & Co OE

Eurobank bank
IBAN: GR8202602320000500201194112
Account: 0026 0232 50 0201194112
Beneficiary: Anna Vildiridis & Co OE

CAUTION: After depositing money please email us with order number and deposit number to confirm.

Cash on delivery
The products you have ordered come through ACS and you pay the price at the time of receipt.

Through credit card billing.
If you have a credit, debit or prepaid Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express card you can safely use it through www.dimiourgiko-Vildiridis.gr and the safe environment of Alpha Bank. The credit card repayment process is covered by the most up -to -date security standards and is performed by Alpha Bank's Secure Server. Specifically for your credit card purchases we inform you that when confirming a credit card purchase, you are automatically transferred to the safe environment of Alpha Bank, irrespective of your card issuance vector. No element of your card you type is being held or not known to our company.

4.Order cancellation

You can cancel an order by contacting the customer service department at +30 2310233263.

If your order has not been sent, you can cancel it all or part of it. If your order has been sent, you should return our product or products*